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Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. I found it very helpful and reassuring, feel so much better and it was lovely to know my dad and mum-in-law were there. ~J.B.

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The readings provided by   Earth Angel Psychics is for entertainment purposes  only and for those who are 18 years or older.They are not a substitute for  professional services and it is advised that you seek qualified expert advice. All  readings and    answers to questions should at no time be  regarded as legal, financial,  medical,   psychological & business fact  and  are subject to one's own interpretation and judgement.

What you decide to do   with the information received  and the actions you take is   your own personal responsibility  and choice.   These readings cannot be recorded but  the client may take notes.   All readings, emails, payments and numbers are   held in the strictest  of confidence.   Payment is a proof that  client accepts these terms.

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