Full Reading  

Full readings consist of  being psychically in tuned with the client, channelling to the spirit world,this involves making contact with those that have crossed over. They could be family, friends or loved ones with a personal message for you,  and finishing the reading with some Angel  Cards. 

£40 in person  1 hr.

£30 email reading

Email Readings
  1. An email reading works in the same way as a normal reading.

  2. Please pay for your email reading using PayPal.

  3. Then send the questions to me (it can be anything you want) that you want answers to email me at:-
    All I need from you is your full name so I can tune into you. If you have a specific question about somebody else, don't forget to add their name within the question.

  4. Once I receive your questions, your reading is usually done within three working days and your questions will be answered.

£30  email reading

​Spiritual Contact  

Spiritual Contact is a reading that involves making contact with those that have crossed over. They could be family,  friends or loved ones  with a personal message for you.

£40 in person  1 hr.

Angel / ​Tarot Card Reading

Angel / Tarot card readings consists of a personal interpretation with the help of guides of a  specific spread of the cards.

£40 in person

​Intimate Party Package

The intimate party package is an excellent choice for  groups of 4-10  people! There can be a group reading involving contact from the other side OR  personal  readings for each person at the gathering. The choice is yours  as the Host!! This can be an evening or day event. Makes a wonderful addition to a birthday, surprise or bridal party!

£30 pp

​Combo   Package

The combo package  is receiving the best of both packages!!  Depending on the number of guests, this will most likely be an afternoon into the evening event! It will include a group reading making contact from the other side with loved ones plus mini readings for each of your guests.  What a wonderful addition to a planned party!! 

£30 pp

Large Party Package

The large party package is for large gathering  consisting of  an unlimited amount of guests. This will comprise of a  group reading making contact with loved ones from the other side.  Depending on how many guests will dictate when the party will start. This can be  an excellent choice  for  reunions, social gatherings, weddings and more!!!   Package  prices available!  Email us!

​Angelic   Reiki Healing

​Angelic Reiki Healing is a safe, high frequency, multidimensional system of healing. Working at a soul level with high vibrational  energies helping to release physical, emotional and  karmic  imbalances.  Distance or in person £25  30 mins

 Spiritual Courses / Coaching

Spiritual Courses / Coaching are provided in  a private sitting. They are designed to cater to your specific needs and  desires. Click on CHAT and let us know what you would like to develop or learn such as  tapping into your psychic skills and  finding your spiritual path.  Prices vary.

​Workshops & Meditations

Workshops & Meditations are provided in a group or private sitting as requested. They can range from  learning about chakras to working with angels and reading tarot. Prices vary.

Crick Village

Northamptonshire, UK


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The readings provided by   Earth Angel Psychics is for entertainment purposes  only and for those who are 18 years or older.They are not a substitute for  professional services and it is advised that you seek qualified expert advice. All  readings and    answers to questions should at no time be  regarded as legal, financial,  medical,   psychological & business fact  and  are subject to one's own interpretation and judgement.

What you decide to do   with the information received  and the actions you take is   your own personal responsibility  and choice.   These readings cannot be recorded but  the client may take notes.   All readings, emails, payments and numbers are   held in the strictest  of confidence.   Payment is a proof that  client accepts these terms.

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