Hi, my name is Sharon Louise. As the old cliche goes 'I knew there was something different about me from an early age but ignored all of the signs and my home and family life took over. It wasn't until 2012 that I took notice of these signs and started attending a spiritualist church and it was here that I started to really open up to working with spirit. I began doing demonstrations and mini readings for friends.

After receiving great feedback, I was guided to offer readings through recommendations, which has led me to offering my services in the UK and around the world.

After successfully helping many people by connecting with their loved ones that have passed on, relaying messages and offering reassurance and advice; I decided to offer my services full time. I now offer my services worldwide, via email and one to one contact.

I now offer Readings, Reiki, workshops and courses.

Sharon  Louise 
Angelic Reiki Master
Counselling Level 4
Diploma Child Psychology
Diploma Child Day Care
Undergraduate Degree-Working with children, adolescents and families
Anger Management
Behaviour Management

Crick Village

Northamptonshire, UK



 07786 436896

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Available 7  Days    a Week!!!


The readings provided by   Earth Angel Psychics is for entertainment purposes  only and for those who are 18 years or older.They are not a substitute for  professional services and it is advised that you seek qualified expert advice. All  readings and    answers to questions should at no time be  regarded as legal, financial,  medical,   psychological & business fact  and  are subject to one's own interpretation and judgement.

What you decide to do   with the information received  and the actions you take is   your own personal responsibility  and choice.   These readings cannot be recorded but  the client may take notes.   All readings, emails, payments and numbers are   held in the strictest  of confidence.   Payment is a proof that  client accepts these terms.

All copy rights reserved by Earth Angel Psychic.

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